By Cathy Geibel TLB writer/reporter and Activist  | Original article here.

Most of us were not born activists, for many of us it was an awakening of sorts, perhaps a gradual metamorphosis and a journey.  It has been such a journey for Matt Landman. 

We can all be activists.  With Donna Shoemaker, Terry Lawton, Cathy Geibel, Patrick Roddie and Matt Landman 

Matt is a Washington DC native and University graduate, who not only holds an MBA but was firmly entrenched in the financial world when he decided to take a break and become a filmmaker.  It was while pursuing this goal he worked on an organic farm in Humboldt County, California and close to nature.  This is when Matt noticed that anticipated weather patterns did not appear, rain fronts vanished in seeming correlation to the persistent white lines in the sky.  Matt, like many of us, stumbled upon Geoengineering of the Weather while working on a farm in the Pacific Northwest.  Observation led to research which led to awakening which led to devoted activism.  The more he became aware of what was happening in the skies and the toxins falling to earth, the GMO foods and their link to glyphosate and pesticides and the poisons contained in vaccines the more passionate he has become to put a stop to them.  Matt’s passion and energy knows no bounds and he is known to “walk the streets” talking to people and handing out flyers to each “jam session” he hosts where recently I was able to catch Matt on September 9th, 2016.  Please enjoy the following video of that evening of music and awareness.

In May of 2016 Matt hosted what he calls his first annual Global Chemtrail Summit in Vancouver, Canada which featured not only Matt himself as speaker but some of our activist greats such as Elana Freeland, Amanda Baise, Patrick Roddie, Terry Lawton, Harry Rhodes, Scott Stevens and Eric Cypher.  Not only was this event a resounding success but Matt has vowed to have a Global Summit every year until there is an end to this toxic assault in our skies.


The next Global Chemtrail Summit is scheduled for May 6, 2017 in Portland, Oregon USA.  The venue, music and speakers are yet to be announced but it promises to be even bigger and better than the last.

In the meantime Matt continues to devote his life everyday to the project, determined to bring transparency and scrutiny to our air.  As awareness is cultivated and strategic actions developed, Matt is also working on a documentary film about the aerial assault being inflicted upon us titled Franken Skies.  See Matt speak in Eugene, Oregon on October 20th, if you’re in the neighborhood.  


Matt’s motto is “Be the change you want to see in the world.”  Let us all be that change. 

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